Application technology for chemically controlling coffee leaf miner in the cerrado of Minas Gerais State

  • Renan Zampiroli Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
  • Cleyton Batista de Alvarenga
  • Vanessa Andaló Mendes de Carvalho
  • Paula Cristina Natalino Rinaldi
  • Gleice Aparecida de Assis


Leaf miner is a major coffee tree pest that causes severe losses. Most farmers perform chemical control in an attempt to reduce damage to the crop. Thus, the current study aims to analyze spraying efficiency and control effectiveness according to the management plan adopted in a coffee farm in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais. The application used Arbus sprayer, model 2,000, at the pressure of 600 kPa. The droplet spectrum was analyzed using water-sensitive paper. The plant architecture influence on the application quality was evaluated through the droplet spectrum and control efficacy. We conclude that the plant crown height and depth affected application efficiency. Spraying was an effective phytosanitary control of coffee leaf miner, reaching 87.5% control efficiency ratio, considering that infestation was three times higher than that recommended for the applied pesticide at the time of application


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